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Announcing A Sponsor: BRITA PROFESSIONAL

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you are about to brew a cup of coffee? It shouldn’t be only the coffee itself but also water since it makes up to 98% of the cup. What may seem obvious is often neglected – water is usually accepted in a tap quality, which is not always of high levels. Brno, home city of European Coffee Trip, is known for rather bad quality of water for coffee brewing and what set good and bad cafés apart is the attention they put into the water filtration system.


We brought you several articles focused on water in the past – educational cupping in Olomouc or Maxwell’s seminar on water at Prufrock. The most recently we talked to the chemist Christopher Hendon during CoLab:Prague and we got the chance to see the behind the scene of the water system at the London Coffee Festival with Willem Huisman, Sales Director at Brita Professional.

We feel the importance of continuing the investigation of this area and we are pleased to join forces with the company that is amongst the top in the industry. We are thrilled to announce that Brita Professional becomes the sponsor of European Coffee Trip and together we hope to help our readers to better understand all the aspects of water for coffee.

“It ain’t what you do, it is the way that you do it‎” is the favourite motto of Willem Huisman, Sales Director at Brita Professional, who thinks it applies for what we do at European Coffee Trip. “These 2 guys mastered the process of inspiring the coffee excellence and connecting its contributors in a modest, subdued and awesome way,” adds Willem kindly.