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Announcing A Sponsor: DRWakefield

When we think about the European coffee culture what we treasure the most is the community and how it spreads further thanks to individuals and their hard work. Learning about coffee we discovered stories of commitment and extremely passionate and educated individuals who support the industry. DRWakefield is one of the companies that, with 45 years of speciality coffee trading experience, brings a great deal of knowledge and inspiration while remaining fully independent.


DRW is a coffee-trading company interested in linking people around the globe who are of the same commitment and passion for coffee. Quoting Simon Wakefield, the company’s Managing Director: “European Coffee Trip have demonstrated that they, like DRW, are a Catalyst. Together we can share information and experiences to contribute to the continued development of our industry.”

We feel very privileged to have reached the point of cooperation with DRW who is channelling an important insight on the coffee imports. We believe it necessary to bridge the gap between end consumers and the green bean suppliers in order to achieve their better understanding of the coffee production.

Equally, we appreciate the open attitude towards a diverse range of educated employees within the company. Having met some of the team members we are thrilled to share their coffee stories. Starting a partnership with DRW we aim to create a partnership within which we all share our knowledge and connect the individuals who supply us with a constant feedback and motivation.