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Wendelien van Bunnik: Becoming The World AeroPress Champion

Wendelien van Bunnik is a Dutch barista working at Single Estate Coffee Roasters in The Hague. Besides working shift behind the bar and at the roastery, she dedicated the last few years becoming the active competition barista. She became the Dutch Barista Champion 2019, representing The Netherlands at World Barista Championships in Boston. Then, she took a short flight to London in November 2019 and became the World AeroPress Champion!

“The most terrible thing about competing is also the thing that makes it so addictive and so amazing because that’s the stuff that pushes you to do better next time.”

Wendelin van Bunnik - Becoming The World AeroPress Champion (Podcast with European Coffee Trip)
Photo: Single Estate Coffee Roasters

You will hear Wendelien van Bunnik talk about:

  • Wendelien’s coffee story in a nutshell
  • Reasons to join the barista competitions and motivation to keep competing
  • The importance of support from family & employers to succeed
  • Implementing elements of barista competition routine into everyday work at a cafe or at the roastery
  • A difference between World Barista Championship and World AeroPress Championship
  • A thought process behind creating the Winning AeroPress Recipe 2019
  • What makes the atmosphere at World AeroPress Championship unique
  • Why baristas and coffee professionals need to have fun at work

Listen to the podcast with Wendelien van Bunnik:

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Links from the podcast episode:

Wendelien van Bunnik on the stage at World Barista Championship 2019 in Boston.