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The Winning AeroPress Recipe of 2019

Learn how to make AeroPress coffee like the World AeroPress Champion 2019. Wendelien van Bunnik shared her winning recipe and we broke it down for you in this video.

The Winning AeroPress Recipe 2019 from Wendelien van Bunnik

  1. Pour 100g of water on the 30g of coffee in 10 seconds.

  2. Stir firmly for 20 times in 10 seconds.

  3. Put the filter cap with a rinsed filter on the AeroPress and gently press out excess air.

  4. At 40 seconds, flip the AeroPress and press out all coffee. You should end up with roughly 60g of extracted coffee.

  5. Add 120g of water to the extracted coffee.

  6. Cool the brew down to roughly 60°C (140°F) by stirring and decanting.

Coffee: 30g (Pacas variety produced by Orlando Aguilar from El Salvador. It was roasted by Ozone Coffee Roasters in London)
Grind: 7/10 (1=very fine, 10=very coarse)
Water: 100g Spa Blauw water (30PPM) @ 92°C (197.6°F)
Brewer position: Inverted
Filter: Aesir Filter (Rinsed)