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Andre Eiermann: The Marketing Director Who Roasts Coffee on Stage

Andre Eiermann works as a marketing director at UCC Switzerland, but he has a demanding sideline occupation. So far in his career, he has become a Q Grader, built a Coffee Academy in Bern, he became the Swiss Barista Champion in 2017 and as such was the first Champion to have ever roasted his competition coffee on stage. It was at the World Barista Championship 2017 in Seoul, using another of his innovative methods, the nitrogen flush extraction.

Andre Eiermann at WBC2017

Andre cannot miss any European coffee event, and we love him for all the energy he brings to the coffee community. He has gone through many professions in his life, but we are glad that he always finds his way back to coffee. We had so much fun recording this long podcast as Andre shared many interesting stories from his personal and professional lives. Anybody can benefit and learn from those!

You will hear Andre Eiermann talk about:

  • Landing his first job in coffee without ever drinking coffee before
  • Living in the coffee origins and tasting over 800 cups of coffee every day
  • What is like to be a judge of the Cup Of Excellence competition
  • How running ultra-distance races changed his life and brought him back to coffee
  • Becoming the Swiss Barista Champion as a sideline occupation to being the Marketing Director at UCC
  • The preparation for World Barista Championship 2018 in Seoul with Hidenori Izaki
  • His innovative methods – Nitrogen Flush Extraction and roasting coffee on the stage
  • Writing a book for all the competition baristas who want to learn from Andre’s experiments
  • Freezing coffee and how it can extend the shelf-life of green or roasted coffee
  • Discipline and how it can take you much further than talent
  • What he likes about people in the speciality coffee industry

Listen to the podcast with Andre Eiermann:

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Andre decided to return back to the coffee industry during the Ultra Trail Mt. Fuji in Japan

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