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Interview with Gwilym Davies

We like to have our interviews short but we couldn’t make it this time with Gwilym! Every word he says is a coffee wisdom that should be available to anyone. In this interview Gwilym shares stories that were never told before. He is constantly trying to push the speciality coffee industry forward as a judge or in his barista trainings.

At the same time he looks forward to be “replaced” by the new generation of coffee professionals. “We are getting old, we should be kicked to the side!” he says. Do you accept the challenge?

About Gwilym Davies:

– World Coffee Events Head Judge
– World Coffee Events Representative
– 2009 World Barista Champion
– Certified SCAE Trainer (AST)

Interview notes:

– On starting his coffee career in New Zealand [0:55] – On learning to drink and to actually enjoy coffee [3:07] – London without any good coffee [4:15] – Meeting James Hoffman in London [7:00] – Aspects of being a street barista [8:30] – On the decision to participate in the barista competition [16:00] – The process of becoming the champion [17:36] – A year as the world barista champion [22:36] – On important aspects of running a cafe [31:10] – Czech beer and Czech coffee scene [33:21] – Speciality coffee as a brand new industry [40:30] – Advice for people entering the coffee world right now! [42:59]

EXTRA BONUS: Warm Up Questions