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Video of World AeroPress Championship 2016

Coffee lovers from all over the world gathered in Dublin, Ireland for the World of Coffee event, which hosted two World Championships within the trade show area, Barista and Brewers Cup. The third coffee competition that took place in Dublin is one known as the most fun coffee event, World AeroPress Championship, and is organized a little bit on side of the main categories.
World AeroPress Championship, an event growing each year, saw 51 national champs gathering in central Dublin, to brew with this popular brew device. AeroPress ranks high amongst a wide range of coffee professionals as well as enthusiasts, is a great versatile tool to brew coffee at home, in the shop, in the countryside and gives a great opportunity for experiments with your beans!

The amazing national champions brought a diverse range of recipes and techniques. This was only highlighted by the venue of the Vice Coffee Inc., a cafe located inside of Wigwam Bar. Decorated with the 60s flair this was a fun and groovy event, judged by 11 reputable judges on an exchange duty. The wheel of fortune determined each round’s jury as the competition advanced, engaging the audience with fun rewards!

After an exciting night of grinding, pouring and plunging, Filip Kucharczyk, of Cafe Targowa in Wroclaw, Poland, took the gold home and was joined on the stage by Jerome Dittmar, the silver-gaining journalist from France, and Hugo Sousa Roccco, the bronze brewer from Brazil.

We are sharing the winning recipe so that you can experiment at home with it!

Inverted method with Rio Negro, Huila, Colombia from Cafe Imports, roasted by Workshop in London, UK
Dry coffee: 35 grams
Grind: coarse
Paper filter: rinsed
Water temperature: 81 C
Start the timer
Pour 150 grams of water in 15 seconds
Stir until 30 seconds on the timer
Put the lid on
Wait until 1:00 on the timer
Invert AeroPress, give it a swirl, plunge
Add 100 to 120 grams of water depending on taste