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How To Make Aeropress As 2015 World Aeropress Champion [VIDEO]

Lukas Zahradnik is 2015 World Aeropress Champion. He brought his successful recipe back home during the Coffeefest Slovakia where we asked him to brew his winning Aeropress method in front of the camera at Urban House, one of the hip cafés in the centre of Bratislava. It is the same place where Lukas got qualified to fight for the world title in Seattle. Meet Lukas in the short interview about his coffee journey and try his Aeropress recipe today!


20g / 230g / 79c

– Inverted Brew Method
– 20 grams of coffee ground at the “7.3” setting on Mahlkönig EK43
– Heat water to 79 Celsius
– Add 60 grams of water
– Turbulently wiggle for 15 seconds
– 15 seconds bloom
– Add the rest of the water in 10 seconds
– 45 seconds press
– 1:30 minute total brew time


What was your journey towards the championship?

My journey was very quick. You should know that Slovak Aeropress competition was only about 10 days before the world’s final. I didn’t even have a passport at that time and I was in a hurry to arrange it. This was also my first flight ever which made it even more exciting.

Was there anybody supporting you in Seattle?

I was happy about my girlfriend going with me to Seattle. She decided just 4 days before the flight and was a huge support! There is nothing more beautiful than enjoying things you love with the person you love.

What was the process of finding the winning recipe?

The winning recipe is just an improved version of the first recipe i have ever watched online (Valerian Hrala – Green Plantation). Together with my girlfriend we were using and adjusting this recipe since we got our first Aeropress. There wasn’t enough time to practice before the competition so I was rather focusing on the mental preparation. I was visualising myself standing on the podium and smiling.

What was your goal? Did you expect to make it to the final and eventually win?

I went there to win. That was the only option for me. I convinced myself about it.

What would be your recommendation for future competitors?

My recommendation for future competitors is simply to sign up and go for it. It is all about fun. If you won´t win, the worst thing that will happen is that you will spend a great day full of coffee and you will meet new coffee friends.