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The 2018 World AeroPress Championship Will Host 61 National Champions in Sydney

The 2018 World AeroPress Championship is just around the corner. In its 11th edition, the competition has grown from a back-of-the-cafe affair of coffee lovers in Oslo, Norway, to a competition that attracts thousands of baristas and spectators every year.

2018 World AeroPress Championship
Winning prizes at a national AeroPress competition, photo – Carlos Zavala

From Oslo to Sydney

The competition has grown immensely during the 11 years of its existence. The team behind W.A.C. got bigger, the number of attendees sky-rocketed from the third year onwards, and some of the participating countries even started organising their regional rounds.

Originally held at Tim Wendelboe cafe in Oslo, Norway, the 2017 World AeroPress Championship was an incredible and much bigger event. It was held in Seoul, South Korea, and the trophy was won by Paulina Miczka, representing England. She beat 57 other national champions then. The competition was a great success, with a crowd of over 600 people. We were there and witnessed the emotions during the shoot of our AeroPress Movie documentary. It was fantastic to be part of the crowd. This year grew even bigger though.

The 2018 season saw thousands of competitors, a great number of regional rounds, hundreds of judges and innumerably AeroPress brews.

2018 World AeroPress Championship
Judges at 2018 Israel AeroPress Championship, photo – Oded Danger Pri-Tal

From 140 events around the globe, 61 national champions have emerged to represent their countries in the finals in Sydney. One of the most-remembered championships by the organisers is the World AeroPress Championship in Rimini, Italy, which took place on a beach and attracted an immense crowd of people.

2018 World AeroPress Championship
2018 Croatia AeroPress Championship

The 2018 national rounds did not lag behind though. Some countries held their competition for the first time. For example Croatia, who threw a party at a cafe right next to a beach. In Slovakia, the championship took place in Bratislava, and as their poster suggested, it was held on a boat. Capacity perhaps limited, the party surely rocked the boat, we have no doubt.

2018 World AeroPress Championship
2018 Slovakian AeroPress Championship

European competitors in Sydney

This year, the competition will see a strong number of European competitors coming to Sydney and, perhaps, the win by a European may be repeated.

Austria, Winnie Lateo

Belarus, Evgeni Pinchukov

Belgium,Nanigui Patel

Croatia, Dejan Ganzulic

Denmark, Baptiste Fournier

England, Carl Micheel

Estonia, Laura Valli

Finland, Beda Haanperä

France, Sandra Bouckenooghe

Germany, Joel Kiesey

Greece, Manos Mamakis

Hungary, István Petykó

Ireland, Marcin Kotwicki

Italy, Iuri Grandini

Netherlands, Milo Gil

Northern Ireland, David Titmus

Norway, Tom Kuyken

Poland, Andrii Vovnianko

Portugal, Kata Muhel

Romania, Alexandru Raduca

Russia, Mikhail Shchepetov

Scotland, Lilla Valter

Slovakia,Jakub Remžík

Spain, Maksym Zhuk

Sweden, Steven Moloney

Switzerland, Philipp Henauer

Turkey, Okan Kemal Kitapci

Ukraine, Bohdan Sakhuriia

Each poster a piece of art

We love how much passion goes into organising each national (or regional) round. The love that the organisers and local communities have for the competition and the brewer is that extra enhanced by the time that is put into designing a great poster for each competition. We consider all of them a piece of art and always look forward to the W.A.C. yearly review to see them all together.

2018 World AeroPress Championship
2018 Russian AeroPress Championship
2018 World AeroPress Championship
2018 Dutch AeroPress Championship

With every country, you can see a very diverse motif, but they are all based on the design of the AeroPress, the country’s themes and colours, or taste in aesthetics and design. Be it photography, illustration, or graphic design, we love these and cannot wait to see what will be the next year’s interpretations of the AeroPress.

2018 World AeroPress Championship
2018 Swedish AeroPress Championship
2018 World AeroPress Championship
2018 Slovak AeroPress Championship

Fun to be had in Sydney

Since a light-hearted atmosphere is at the core of the competition, all participants are promised an unforgettable two-day affair in Sydney this year. For the first time ever, the competitors and guests are welcome a day early, 16th November, to enjoy a day of socialising before the competition starts.

On Saturday, 17th November, all are welcome at COMMUNE, an industrial event space in the heart of Sydney, for the main battle for the 2018 World AeroPress Champion title. As the organisers say: “…everyone is invited to join the party as we crown the new champion.” The word ‘party’ is key here.

2018 World AeroPress Championship
Saturday, November 17, 2018 @ 3pm
Tickets on sale here.

The party-vibe is accentuated by the emcee duo, Michelle Johnson and Marcus Boni, who will walk everyone through the night. Local DJs on the decks, free beers by Moon Dog and barbeque are all essential to a true Aussie (and AeroPress) party.

What more, the competitors will be also brewing the competition coffee for the audience, so you will be able to taste the differences that their recipes make. That is a first this year, so do not miss it, together with tasty espressos from Single O.

The event is hosted by Single O roastery, with the great support of Acme&Co, Amor Perfecto, Barista Magazine, Baratza, Bonavita, Brita, Cafe Imports, La Marzocco, Mahlkoenig, Modbar, Oatly, and Oxo.

2018 World AeroPress Championship
The emcees Michelle Johnson and Marcus Boni, 2017 W.A.C. Seoul, photo – Abi Varney
2018 World AeroPress Championship
The official poster of 2018 W.A.C.

We had an incredible time last year in Seoul, South Korea and were witness to one of the most fun coffee competition ever. We are sure this year will be an unforgettable experience. We cannot wait to know the name of the 2018 World AeroPress Champion!