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Michal Stec: Coffee Business Innovations in Times of Crisis

Michal is a founder of Rebelbean, a speciality coffee roastery based in Brno, Czech Republic. Working in the hospitality business for a decade, Michal is has been involved in many areas of the coffee business, and since I know him as a creative and entrepreneurial guy, so I wanted to discuss all the challenges of the current COVID-19 situation.

Having so many restrictions in place for the hospitality business, I wanted to know what does it mean for the coffee roasters but also for coffee shops, catering businesses or coffee festivals. What can you do if your revenue drops by 80% overnight?

If I forget about a really bad situation for all of us [businesses], it’s kind of cool because you are creative, you are sparkling with ideas, and you are in action, 100%!

Michal Stec: Innovating A Coffee Business in Times of Crises

Listen to the podcast with Michal Stec:

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