Geoff Woodley is a Product & Marketing Manager at IKAWA. He started his career in coffee as a first employee of Detour Coffee Roasters in Hamilton, Canada over 9 years ago. Recently, he has been involved in re-designing the IKAWA's mobile app, and we discussed that in the second part of the interview.

In the beginning, we talk about the difference between European and Canadian coffee scene, basic principles of roasting and sample roasting and how IKAWA influenced a daily work of many speciality coffee roasters around the world.

“Essentially what they are doing is just getting to know the coffee and saying is it something that I want for my business?

Geoff about sample roasting
Geoff Woodley doing a presentation on roasting at IKAWA.

Listen to the podcast with Geoff Woodley:

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A video we published about roasting coffee with IKAWA.

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