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How To Make Freddo Espresso & Freddo Cappuccino: A Step-by-Step Guide

We filmed Greek cold coffee recipes explained by Michalis Dimitrakopoulos, World Coffee in Good Spirits Champion 2016, at his cafe The Rabbit Punch in Athens, Greece. In the video, you will learn how to make three cold coffees:

  1. Freddo Espresso (1:02)
  2. Freddo Cappuccino (2:27)
  3. Freddo Flat White (4:17)

How to make Freddo Espresso

  1. Prepare a double shot of espresso

    It’s about 19 – 20 grams of coffee input and we are taking out 40 – 42 grams of espresso.

  2. Put espresso and ice cubes to the shaker

    If you need to add sugar to your coffee, you should do it before adding ice cubes.

  3. Mix espresso with ice cubes in the mixer

    It is good to invest in a quality mixer. A brand respected by the Greek speciality coffee community is Artemis MIxers.

  4. Fill the tall glass with ice cubes

    It’s good to use clean and clear ice prepared from the quality filtered water. Ice should slowly melt so coffee can be enjoyed for a longer period.

  5. Pour coffee over the ice, add a straw & enjoy

    Freddo Espresso will be the best within 20 – 30 minutes. You can drink it even longer (as many Greeks do) but the quality of the coffee will deteriorate.

    How to make Freddo Espress - Michalis Dimitrakopoulos - Athens, Greece