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Day 2 of the World Barista Championship 2017

The second day of the preliminary rounds saw additional 28 competitors go through their routines at the World Barista Championship 2017 in Seoul, South Korea.

Judges at WBC 2017
Judges at WBC 2017, Seoul, South Korea

We followed the presentations of 14 European baristas live, thanks to our partners Victoria Arduino and Volcafe Select who support us in Seoul, and were able to see five of them go through to the semi-finals of the WBC 2017.

Check out the 14 European competitors of Day 2 and get excited about the competition tomorrow, November 12th!

Lavinia Toma – Romania

Lavinia was the first European competitor on the second day of WBC preliminaries. She has seen the World’s competition stage before when she represented Romania in 2015. Since then, she worked hard on herself, also training with Vlad Buda and her whole team at Origo in Bucharest, Romania.

WBC 2017
Lavinia Toma, Romania

Niall Wynn – Ireland

The Irish national champion is not only representing his country but like many others also his own business back in Dublin, Proper Order Coffee Co. Niall has competed three times already, stepping up from the third to the first place with each competition. Today, he is an Urnex ambassador, a business owner and always a barista.

WBC 2017
Niall Wynn, Ireland

Steven Moloney – Sweden

The Barista champion of Sweden has got an extensive experience with competitions of diverse formats. He has represented Sweden on the World’s stage already in 2016 in Dublin, while also organising a competition of a format that is diametrically different from the World Coffee Events’ ones. The Barista League has seen two seasons already.

WBC 2017
Steven Moloney, Sweden

Atilla Ferenczi – Hungary

Atilla is the national champion of Hungary who enjoys continuous learning in life. Currently working at Goosebumps Coffee Lab, he has got experience in almost all competition categories: Latte Art, Cup Tasters, and Barista championships.

WBC 2017
Atilla Ferenczi, Hungary

Marco de Sousa Rosa – France

The French Barista champion has progressed within the last years of competing from the 4th to the 1st place, but he has got many other talents and roles. As a head roaster at Cafés Lugat, he also covers the roles of a green bean buyer, he works on roasting profiles, develops barista accessories or helps farmers with new fermentation techniques. He didn’t stop there and designed a new type of pour-over technique as well.

WBC 2017
Marco de Sousa Rosa, France

Sonja Zweidick – Denmark

Sonja is not only the Danish Barista champion 2017, as well as the Barista Champion of Austria 2015 & 2016, she has been a great ambassador for all women in coffee thanks to her hard work and passion for coffee, but mainly thanks to her project Barista Connect which connects women working in coffee at a yearly women-only event for sharing knowledge and experience. Besides for running the event and competing, she is also a freelance roaster, barista and consultant.

WBC 2017
Sonja Zweidick, Denmark

Martin Karabinos – Slovakia

The Barista champion of Slovakia brought a presentation from the city of Banska Bystrica, where he works as a barista at the cafe Leroy. He worked there already last year when he also represented Slovakia at the World stage in Dublin.

WBC 2017
Martin Karabinos, Slovakia

Sergei Stepanchuk – Russia

Although Sergei is mainly involved in roasting, competing in the barista category in the past three years has allowed him to understand his beans better. He also has got an extensive competition experience from his 14 years in coffee, competing in Cezve Ibrik, for example.

WBC 2017
Sergei Stepanchuk, Russia

Rory Roseberg – Norway

The Barista champion of Norway has won the first place after two years of a runner-up placement within his 4 years of living in Norway. While working at Kaffa in Oslo, he also managed to start a cold brew company and plans on getting speciality coffee to a wider population with his product.

WBC 2017
Rory Rosenberg, Norway

Francesco Masciullo – Italy

Francesco is an experienced barista that had worked with coffee for several years before moving to London to deepen his knowledge about it. Today, he lives back in Italy, where he works at Ditta Artigianale, a speciality roastery in Florence. Francesco stepped into the world of competition via Latte Art discipline, but the last three years were dedicated to Barista category. Besides for Francesco Sanapo who runs Ditta Artigianale, Francesco was coached also by Hidenori Izaki, the World Barista Champion 2014.

WBC 2017
Francesco Masciullo, Italy

André Eiermann – Switzerland

The Swiss Barista champion’s journey in coffee is sort of backwards. His beginnings of working in coffee saw him as a coffee trader, also living in Kenya and Tanzania, without ever having worked an hour behind the bar. He did cup hundreds and hundreds of coffees though and fell in love with the entire coffee chain. A Marketing Director at UCC Coffee Switzerland today, André has launched their speciality coffee deparment and built a coffee lab of which he is the Head Barista. He is a certified Q grader and a judge of Cup of Excellence competitions. Today, he is also working on a book about his extensive experience in the wide coffee world.

WBC 2017
André Eiermann, Switzerland

David Coelho – Portugal

The Head Barista and Roaster at 7g Roaster in Portugal won the barista title three times already: in 2014, 2016, 2017, meaning this is his third time on the World’s stage after Rimini and Dublin. This year, he brought his own coffee and his company to represent in Seoul.

WBC 2017
David Coelho, Portugal

Renat Mamatkazin – Ukraine

The owner of Kiev’s Lion Cafe is rather new to the coffee world. He has only worked with coffee for three years and this was his first time at the World Barista Championship stage. That is a decent effort for someone who has worked so shortly in the industry.

WBC 2017
Renat Mamatkazin, Ukraine

Merijn Gijsbers – the Netherlands

The representative of the Netherlands is a barista with a professional hospitality education and background. His ten years of experience as a barista trainer keep him in touch with the consumer’s understanding of coffee. He is a certified SCAE trainer.

WBC 2017
Merijn Gijsbers, the Netherlands

Out of those competitors, we are excited to see the champions of Romania, Switzerland, and Italy on stage tomorrow, Saturday, November 12th. Good luck!