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Who Goes to the Semifinals at World Barista Championship 2017

The second day of the World Barista Championship 2017 is over in Seoul, South Korea. 28 competitors from the preliminary rounds, who competed today, finished their presentations for the day and the scores were counted. All scores from Day 1 and Day 2 were put together and compared and the semifinalists were announced at 5:30 PM Seoul time.

Now, we know the current scores of the competitors who are going to the semifinals, happening tomorrow, Saturday, November 11. There are going to be 15 competitors and 1 wildcard competitor–the highest scoring member of the winning team, Team Tamper. Thanks to our partners Victoria Arduino and Volcafe Select, we were there on the dot for the announcements!

Current round one rankings of the semifinalists

There are five great competitors from Europe, who did a great job representing their respective countries and their coffees on the World’s stage. Let’s see the semi-finalits and fingers crossed for tomorrow’s battles!

WBC 2017 Semi-finalists
Semi-finalists at the World Barista Championship 2017

1 – Hugh Kelly – Australia

2 – AndrĂ© Eiermann – Switzerland

3 – Ben Put – Canada

4 – Jun-Bae Bang – South Korea

5 – Kapo Chiu – Hong Kong

6 – Dale Harris – the United Kingdom

7 – Miki Suzuki – Japan

8 – Francesco Masciullo – Italy

9 – Kyle Ramage – USA

10 – Konstantinos Iatridis – Greece

11 – Jason Loo – Malaysia

12 – Lavinia Toma – Romania

13 – Yoshua Tanu – Indonesia

14 – Melody Lu – Taiwan

15 – Jeremy Zhang – China

16 – Martin Shabaya – Kenya