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The Season of 2018 AeroPress Championships Arrives in Europe

The 2018 World AeroPress Championship season is officially underway with Austria as the first country which held their national round in May already. A big part of our AeroPress Movie documentary, which comes in October 2018, will talk about the rise of this fun competition. We are excited to see over 100 events happening in 2018.

A great number of these events will take place all around Europe, partly thanks to the increased popularity of the regional events in the countries such as Spain (17 events) and France (11 events).

2018 French AeroPress Championship
2018 Spanish AeroPress Championship

“We love to see all these extra regional events happening,” commented Tim Williams, CEO, World AeroPress Championship. “Travel is expensive, especially for baristas, so we much prefer to see the competitions come to the people, instead of the other way around.”

Each year the competition also expands to new countries, and 2018 sees Portugal and Croatia hosting their first championships. At the same time, the competition returns to its ancestral home. W.A.C. co-creator and long-time judge, Tim Wendelboe, will join forces with Nordic Approach to host the 2018 Norwegian AeroPress Championship.

The Season of 2018 AeroPress Championships Arrives in Europe

A List of the European AeroPress Championships

2018 Austrian AeroPress Championship | Vienna, Austria – May 12

2018 Italian AeroPress Championship | Milan, Italy – June 1

2018 Norwegian AeroPress Championship | Oslo, Norway – June 16

2018 Dutch AeroPress Championship | Amsterdam, Netherlands – June 20

2018 Slovak AeroPress Championship | Bratislava, Slovakia – June 30

Dutch AeroPress Championship 2018
Slovak AeroPress Championship 2018

2018 Irish AeroPress Championship | Dublin, Ireland – August 9

2018 Hungarian AeroPress Championship | Budapest, Hungary – August 11

2018 Croatian AeroPress Championship | Dugi Rat, Croatia – August 17

2018 German AeroPress Championship | Berlin, Germany – September 1

2018 Turkish AeroPress Championship | Istanbul, Turkey – September 1

2018 Portugal AeroPress Championship | Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal – September 7

2018 Swedish AeroPress Championship | Stockholm, Sweden – September 8

2018 Finnish AeroPress Championship | Helsinki, Finland – September 8

2018 English AeroPress Championship | London, United Kingdom – September 8

2018 Belgian AeroPress Championship | Antwerp, Belgium – September 14

2018 Hellenic AeroPress Championship | Athens, Greece – September 23

2018 Russian AeroPress Championship | Moscow, Russia – September 24

2018 Swiss AeroPress Championship | Lausanne, Switzerland – September 29

New events are still being announced so check out the latest list of the events on the W.A.C. website. Happy plunging and see you at the World Final in Sydney, Australia.