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Check out the 2022 World AeroPress Champion – Jibbi Little’s winning recipe!

“I’ve wanted to get a trophy for Australia for a really long time. It’s been seven years that I’ve competed in latte art, but I only placed 11th—I couldn’t win the world one. Now that I’ve won the AeroPress, I feel like my job is complete.” said Jibbi Little in the interview with Erik Rolfsen.

Jibby introduced quite a few novelties in her routine during the World Aeropress Championship in Vancouver, Canada. Check out below the winning recipe that allowed her to snatch this year’s title!

Jibbi Little – the 2022 World AeroPress Champion. Photos from WAC.

The 2022 World Aeropress Champion – Jibbi Little 🏆
Country: Australia / Thailand 🇦🇺🇹🇭

‘The Thunder From Down Under’

Brewer Orientation: Inverted
Dose: 18g
WaterPerfect Coffee Water , 92°C
Filters: 1 AeroPress Classic Filter, Rinsed
Grinder: Two Grinders. Timemore at a very coarse grind, then blow out the silver skin. Follow with a Kinu grinder at setting 4. Sift the fines out (those fines at 100-200 microns)
Total time: 2:10
CoffeeQuietly Coffee x Cafe Imports Colombia Finca Juan Martin, Natural, Striped Red Bourbon

  1. Pour coffee into chamber.
  2. Pour 94ml of water and stir 35 times gently.
  3. At 1:20 screw on cap and press out remaining air.
  4. At 1:30 flip and press for 30 seconds from 1:40 – 2:10.
  5. You will have about 58-64g of concentrate.
  6. Bypass 90C water to 150g.
  7. Aim for TDS of 1.3 – 1.35 (it is amazing at this strength).
  8. Serve.

Optional: use extract chilled ice balls (3 at the bottom and 1 on top. total of 4). It will give you a smooth mouthfeel. 

We also had a chance to ask Jibbi some follow-up questions about the recipe.

1. Why did you decide to use two grinders for the recipe?

Actually only 1 for flavour which is Kinu m47 classic (in the National competition I used Kinu + Comandante). The Timemore grinder is only for the first phase when I grind very coarse so I could blow out the silver skin easily. After that, I put the grounds in Kinu. Grind setting at 3.8 (for washed processed coffee) or 4 (for natural one). The last, crucial step was to put all that grounds in Fellow sieves to shake the 100-200 microns particles away.

2. Is there anything new you experimented with in this recipe? Or all the steps/variations you already used before?

In Australia, I only add 80g of brewing water and bypass most of the time. However, in Canada I added 94g every round. I needed to get more body out of it and I could bypass it with less water to get more structure in the cup.

And Chilling extraction! This technique I already used for nationals. I placed 3 ice chilling balls at the bottom of the server to increase the surface area for better texture and cut off the bitterness. I used a Trinity Origin Decanter. Why Trinity? Firstly it is designed in Australia and comes with a glass filter module which is a similar concept to Gabi Master B. It is the only server that I know that can fit 3 iced ball easily.

At the world stage in Vancouver, I made a change and added one more ice ball at the top of the filter module as well (total of 4) to preserve more aroma compounds.

3. What taste profile is a result of your recipe? For which coffees except the particular one from WAC would you recommend it?

Since we had a naturally processed coffee for the finals, I used grind size 4 (which a bit coarser than the one for the washed coffee from 1st round – that was at 3,8). It gave me more sweet and open up more complexity of the flavour in the cup.. I got mango, pineapple, honeysuckle and a silky body.

So this recurring will not highlight the fermenty taste of natural processed coffees. It works so well with any coffee as long as you combine it with chilling extraction techniques. It is best to cool down the temperature as quickly as possible so it will brighten the cup and open for a fruity character and clean finish. And to aim for proper sweetness I would recommend finding the right grind size for the particular beans.

Soon we are going to try Jibbi’s recipe in our office and make sure to share the video with you. Meanwhile, check the beautiful World Aeropress Championship event recap by Erik Rolfsen!

Source of the recipe: World Aeropress Championship