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8 Great Cafes You Must Visit in Prague

Last week we visited Prague to shoot a short recap video of our favourite 8 cafes in the capital, representative of the active coffee scene. Enjoy the video that was created with the support of Czech Tourism. #VisitCZ

The selection has got a wide range of shops – we visited the well-established founding members of Prague’s scene, for example Original Coffee, or La Boheme Cafe, coffee shops with a great design and location, such as EMA espresso bar, great little stops in your daily commune, such as Kafe Karlin and we did not forget to pay a visit to some recent openings (One Sip Coffee) and foodie-oriented specialty cafes, such as Eska. Among our favourites are also shops with foreigner inspiration and delicious breakfasts, Coffee Room, and we never skip a coffee break at Misto, the latest cafe of the renowned roaster, Doubleshot.

Not only is Prague a cultural, historical and over all touristic centre of the Czech republic, the capital concentrates an incredible amount of inspiring people, beautiful food and drinks pop-ups, markets, food festivals and more. Visit the Czech Republic and visit Prague, they are beautiful!

1. Ema Espresso Bar

Na Florenci 1420/3, Prague
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2. Kafe Karlín

Sokolovská 46/51, Prague
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3. Onesip Coffee

Haštalská 755/15, Prague
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4. Original Coffe

Betlémská 12, Prague
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5. Eska

Pernerova 49, Prague
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6. La Boheme Cafe

Sazavska 32, Prague, Czech Republic
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7. Coffee Room

Korunní 74, Prague, Czech Republic
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8. Místo

Bubenečská 284/12, Prague, Czech Republic
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