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A Tour at Substance Café in Paris

Take a look inside the Substance Café in Paris with its passionate founders Joachim and Alexandrine. It’s a small coffee shop where you can taste exceptional coffees from award-winning baristas. It’s still one of the best coffee shop visit in our life!

Note: This video was filmed in January 2020 (the pre-Covid life).

Watch the video on our YouTube channel!

Substance Café

Video timestamps

  1. Inside the specialty coffee shop (0:41)
  2. Tasting the first part of the coffee menu (0:53)
  3. Why there is only one long counter? (2:22)
  4. Competition coffee menu (3:11)
  5. Freezing special coffees (3:27)
  6. Joachim’s V60 technique (4:37)
  7. Roasting at Substance Café (5:46)
  8. Omakase experience (6:11)
  9. Bye-bye Substance Café (6:35)