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Announcing A Sponsor: MAHLKÖNIG

When we started off as the European Coffee Trip project we would ask baristas all the time about what equipment they use to brew their coffee.  Few months later and it takes us only a few seconds to look around, recognise and write down all the machines sitting on the bar. By no surprise we would write down the name MAHLKÖNIG  very often. Having it either as a grinder on the brew bar or as an espresso grinder sitting proudly next to the coffee machine, we see these German machines all over the best cafés in Europe. As we were told recently in Helsinki – every good café has got an EK43 here, it’s a standard for brewing a good cup of coffee.


We are thrilled to announce that MAHLKÖNIG becomes the first sponsor of European Coffee Trip. We are very proud of this starting cooperation and are excited about what will it bring to our readers.

“Exchanging experiences and sharing knowledge is what furthers the specialty coffee business – not only throughout Europe, but all around the world. With an exceptional dedication to coffee MAHLKÖNIG promotes selected regional and international projects, events and workshops to support the barista scene and to enhance the awareness of specialty coffee,” says Anne Krahmer, Director of Marketing & Product Management.

“And so MAHLKÖNIG has now decided to catch its ticket for the ‘European Coffee Trip’ and is very proud to support this unique and very inspiring project!” adds Anne and we at ECT look forward to have MAHLKÖNIG as our travel companion.