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Announcing A Sponsor: URNEX

It seemed unclear to us, since we had no barista job background, why our friends in cafés spend so much time cleaning their equipment and work environment instead of brewing coffee. Very soon we realised that without clean machines and bars you cannot serve a tasty coffee and provide an excellent service to your customers.


Gwilym Davies is the person who gave us the most important insight into the importance of cleanliness while we were shooting the video series Learn Coffee With Gwilym. The episode on cleaning was the longest and the most educative one. We will always remember that even the best coffee tastes really bad brewed on a dirty machine. Espresso machines need to be cleaned more than you would imagine.

Urnex is amongst the companies that understand the topic very well, supplying speciality cleaning products for coffee & espresso equipment since 1936. Urnex is a great supporter of the barista community around the globe and we are thrilled to welcome the company as a new sponsor of European Coffee Trip. Together we hope to bring the coffee professionals and enthusiasts the necessary clean and clear updates helping them in brewing a better cup of coffee every time.