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Mixtape #012: Inspiration For A Smaller Coffee World

This mixtape is “perfect for traveling or sharing a coffee with a long term friend.” That is what Christian Burri, one of the co-founders of Algrano, the Swiss coffee startup told us. This time it doesn’t reflect a particular cafe or a roastery but it features an atmosphere in the office dedicated to coffee.

Algrano aspire to directly connect a coffee producer and a coffee roaster via technology, thus this selection of music serves as an “inspiration for a smaller coffee world.” After visiting Mondul Coffee Estates in Tanzania ourselves, we understand better than ever that this connection is very important for people on both ends.


1 – Bloque Depressivo – Regressa
2 – Chancha via circuito – quimey neuken
3 – Marthino da Vilha – Mulhjeres
4 – Thomash & Projeto Mujique – Cosmosamba
5 – Nicolas Cruz – Nem ouro nem prata
6 – Häuptling Roter Adler – Martha van Straaten
7 – Falamansa – Oh! Chuva
8 – Quantic & Flowering Inferno – Cumbia Sobre el Mar
9 – Blundetto – Voices (with Hindi Zahra)
11 – Tito Paris – Dança ma mi criola
12 – Carrot Green – Quem Manda a Gira Girar
13 – MA QUALE IDEA – Pino D’Angiò

Colombia - Fabio + Gilles - Algrano: Mixtape

“The mixtape accurately reflects Algrano’s mission: making the coffee world smaller. The songs are either typical popular world music or clever mixes of Latin American with European electronic music (tracks 4 and 6). The origins of the songs are reflecting our journey, from Chile to Europe, passing by Brazil and many other producing countries. The result generates a small world mood where every country seems to be close and reachable. Perfect for traveling or sharing a coffee with a long-term friend.”

Brazil - Raphael - Algrano - Mixtape

“We listen to some of the songs to focus at work (tracks 2, 4, 6, 11), we used to dance on Brazilian beaches to some others (tracks 3 and 7). Finally, we picked some songs simply because they inspired us, such as Nicolas Cruz (track 5), an Ecuadorian DJ mixing a popular Brazilian song. The result is just amazing.”