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13 Coffee Gift Ideas (2020 Edition)

Our best coffee gift ideas for coffee lovers (and their kids). We looked through the coffee products we tested and reviewed over the year but also things we keep using every single day!

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Holiday Coffee Gift Ideas for 2020

  1. Book: Specialty Coffee by Katrien Pauwels (paid link)
  2. Loveramics Nomad Cup
  3. Kinto Travel Tumbler (paid link)
  4. Comandante C40 Grinder (paid link)
  5. Timemore C2 Grinder (paid link)
  6. Hario Electro Solo
  7. AeroPress Go (paid link)
  8. Clever Dripper (paid link)
  9. Loveramics Drippers
  10. Standart Magazine Subscription
  11. Home Coffee Roasting Kit
  12. Coffee Socks
  13. A bag of locally roasted Specialty Coffee

3 Extra Coffee Gift Ideas for Kids

  1. Wooden Espresso Machine (we like the one from Lidl)
  2. “Future Coffee Professional” Baby Onesie
  3. Barista toy Igráček

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