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13 Perfect Christmas Gifts For Any Coffee Lover

The time at the end of the year is the time to reflect on all of the great things we discovered in the previous months. We have seen so many wonderful products and news popping up around Europe which we were excited about. And since the Christmas time is upon us, many of us are thinking of the best present for our loved ones (or for ourselves, there is nothing wrong with that!).

We put together this short Christmas list of presents that will be the perfect gift for any coffee lover, home barista, or parents that like good coffee. Let the Christmas spirit take you, we hope you will find inspiration in the selection of the products we really love and have a lot of respect for their makers.

1 – AeroPress Coffee Maker

Can you imagine we could start with any other recommendation than the AeroPress? It is our travel companion wherever we go and it is one of the most versatile coffee makers anybody could start with. You may try brewing an AeroPress at home, on an aeroplane, in a park or prepare a winning recipe of the World AeroPress Champion 2017. This year, we have even started working on a documentary about it. Every coffee lover should have (at least) one!

Buy the AeroPress Coffee Maker at*

AeroPress Coffee Maker - Christmas Gift Tip #01

2 – Tim Wendelboe Coffee Subscription

Meeting Tim Wendelboe and visiting his cafe in Oslo is always a special experience. We have had the chance to interview him already twice and if we should recommend any coffee as a gift, take his. He spends most of the year travelling, sourcing coffee and developing his own coffee farm in Colombia. His coffee is always a delicious experience!

Buy the coffee subscription.

3 – Comandante Grinder

Once you chose a tasty coffee to brew, you need to grind it. We are aware it can get really geeky and expensive when it comes to coffee grinders. Comandante is a master of grinders that you can put in your bag and take it everywhere. We have tried it ourselves during the Comandante Cup in Opole and although we knew the quality of it was high, we still had some objections regarding the price. Nevertheless, the manufacturing, grinding and then the resulting cup was of such quality it absolutely convinced us and we fell in love.

Buy the Comandante grinder at*

4 – Baratza Sette 270

Not everybody is a big fan of manual grinding. What we consider the perfect morning ritual can be a complication for our friends and family members. That is when electrical grinder comes handy. Baratza Sette has become a reliable standard in this case. You can grind for both filter coffee and espresso. This machine is small, grinds pretty fast and looks sleek on the kitchen counter. We are not using it at our office but are satisfied Baratza home users. If you are on a budget, the next option can be Wilfa Swart.

Buy the Baratza grinder at*

5 – Brew Better Coffee at Home by Brian W. Jones

This book is gold! Brian W. Jones is a designer, blogger and writer who is obsessed with coffee. His blog Dear Coffee I Love You has been one of the most influential online publications for many years and recently, Brian has been developing his own brand AKA Coffee. We have enjoyed meeting him at coffee events and learning from his talks and now also from his book. Brian explains complex coffee topics in a casual and easy-to-understand form. This is the coffee book written for every home barista on the planet.

Buy the book at*

6 – Moccamaster KBG741

We are proud owners of this legendary coffee maker. It fits nicely in its matt black on our kitchen counter, but you can find the color that will match any office or kitchen interior. We enjoyed seeing the process of Moccamaster being made at its factory and we also created a video about it. If you need to brew coffee for the whole family brunch or supply coffee for your thirsty colleagues at the office, Moccamaster won’t let you down.

Buy the Moccamaster at*

7 – Bonavita Kettle

We use this kettle at our office every single day. You can set the target temperature of the water and the gooseneck allows you to control the pour during brewing. There are other kettles on the market but this one is a solid functional piece of equipment that adds the control to our coffee brewing.

Buy the Bonavita kettle at*

8 – Acaia Pearl Black

You can’t control what you don’t measure. Similarly to baking, you want to know how much coffee and water you mix together. Acaia created scales that are extremely precise and also connect easily with your phone so that you can track the brewing in the real-time and also log it for a later reference. On top of that, clean black or white design will add extra magic to your Instagram photos.

Buy the Acaia scale at*

9 – Bro Coffee Maker

We have known the creator of Bro Coffee Maker, Emanuelis Ryklys from Vilnius, Lithuania, for many years now. His coffee maker is a result of passion for craftsmanship and manually brewed coffee. The wooden dripper and linen filter produce a different kind of coffee, heavy in body, rich in taste. It creates a new coffee brewing experience that suits special occasions.

Buy the Bro Coffee Maker at*

10 – Standart Magazine Subscription

Surprisingly, there are not that many printed coffee magazines. Cafes are usually full of coffee books and various design magazines but the selection of coffee-related ones is limited. We are proud to be friends with, in our opinion, the best speciality coffee culture magazine in the world. As subscribers, we cannot wait with excitement before receiving a new print in our mail every new quarter. As a bonus, the subscribers also receive coffee samples from the finest coffee roasters in the world, delivered together with their magazines.

Buy the Standart Magazine subscription.

11 – Print from Department of Brewology

The guys behind Department of Brewology designs have become famous thanks to their prints inspired by the coffee culture around the world. You may have seen their ‘Filter Coffee, Not People’ prints all over Instagram. The designs appear on posters, pins, but also T-shirts and have already become a part of the speciality coffee culture. Their pieces decorate cafes, offices and homes of coffee lovers and deliver a piece of art that is both beautiful and educational.

Buy the AeroPress print from Bloom series.

12 – Coffee Jewellery by Anna Steinerova

How fancy can a coffee lover get with their Christmas present ideas? What about coffee-inspired jewellery? We visited Anna’s studio this year and found a designer obsessed with coffee. She creates a coffee bean jewellery: earings, rings, cufflinks, bracelets, all formed around one silver or gold bean. Do you know someone who loves coffee so much they would love to have it with them every day? This is a delicate and elegant piece of jewellery for them.

Buy the coffee jewellery from Anna.

13 – Prana Chai Starter Kit

You are right! This is not a coffee product. We know. But what about those days when you cannot or should not drink coffee. What about your loved ones who are not obsessed with coffee as much as you are. Well, we really love what Prana Chai creates with their products, we like the aesthetics of it but most importantly the taste of it. It is something that warms you up and puts a smile on your face. A delicious drink for anyone who appreciates speciality products.

Buy the starter kit at

We hope this list will be a nice coffee inspiration for anyone this Christmas season. The best thing about coffee gifts is that you can give them the whole year around.

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