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The Coffee Drink of the Future is Zenzero Latte

A successful inaugural year of The Barista Challenge in Gothenburg, reigned by the delicious Gin Coffee, it was also an inspiration for this year’s competitors. 5 finalists gathered at Amsterdam Coffee festival 20 March, with the goal to prepare their version of a coffee drink of the future, all in front of the judges and the audience.

The Coffee Drink of the Future: Zenzero Latte #3

Former champion Milou Savelkoul and Alpro’s barista Merijn Gijsbers took on the roles of the judges to pick the tastiest drink for 2016. The Coffee Drink of the Future 2016, the delicious Zenzero Latte was created by a Dutch barista Anneke Peters!

The Coffee Drink of the Future: Zenzero Latte #2

Anneke works as a barista at Bagels & Beans in Deventer, Holland. “I have worked as a barista for almost 3 years in the Netherlands. What i enjoy the most is the contact with the guests. Everyone likes their coffee a bit different so it is a challenge to provide everyone with their favourite coffee.” You may be surprised by Anneke’s spicy choice of ingredient to her drink! “Ginger is certainly unexpected but it can also sweeten the espresso and it has something exciting in it,” says Anneke. Ginger is considered to be a super food. Was it Anneke’s intention to create a super powerful coffee drink? “I was looking for a strong and sweet coffee which also had to be creamy and exciting. I started with the white chocolate because it’s my favourite kind and then I started experimenting with some herbs and spices. Pretty soon I found out ginger was a very good combination.”

Anneke proved that ginger can be a great combo and was rewarded by a trip to the World of Coffee in Dublin, where she can meet and greet with the whole coffee community!

The Coffee Drink of the Future: Zenzero Latte

Before you dive into trying her winning recipe out at home, let Anneke describe what will be drinking Zenzero Latte like. “My coffee drink has a creamy mouthfeel, a very good coffee flavour and a light tingle because of the fresh ginger.” Ready to give it a try?


– White chocolate made from soymilk
– Alpro soya for professionals
– 2 shots of espresso (Janson Coffee Farm in Panama)
– Fresh ginger juice

Melt the white chocolate and pour it in a glass. Afterwards, steam the Alpro soy milk and pour it on top of the chocolate. As the next step add a double shot of espresso to the glass, covering it with the fresh ginger juice.


Congratulations Anneke! Are you trying Anneke’s recipe at home? Tell us about your results!