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How to Make a Good Coffee: AEROPRESS

Kai Keong Ng is the co-founder of the first third wave cafe in Zurich called Bear Brothers & Cow. He is also 2014 Swiss AeroPress Champion who competed in the world’s final, on a beach in Rimini. That’s why we asked Kai Keong to share his favorite AeroPress recipe with us. Kai Keong Ng also described what is so fascination about using AeroPress to brew a delicious cup of coffee, although it may not be necessarily for beginners!


coffee – 18 grams
temperature – 85°C – 88°C
amount of water – 720 grams
total brewing time – 1:40 min


“Aeropress is for me the most versatile brewing device. You can really craft your coffee to the taste you prefer, which you can’t always do with other methods. Moreover, I really like this creamy and silky feel in the mouth that the Aeropress can produce. I think you can get it with every coffee you are using, you just need to find the point when this happens.”