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How to Make Phin—Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Perhaps you have heard of Vietnamese filter coffee that is served with condensed milk, either hot or cold… but do you know why is it served like this, and how do they call this drink in Vietnam?

When we visited Cafefin in Prague, the owner Jackie Tran showed us step-by-step how to prepare it and you can now watch the video and get all the details below.

“If you tell a Vietnamese person: ‘I need coffee!’ they don’t think about espresso, cappuccino, they don’t think about any other type of coffee, but only Phin,” Jackie Tran told us. And he continued: “For them, it is the only one and the best one in the world.”

Jackie first told us what we need to prepare a serving of Phin, aka Vietnamese iced coffee.

30 g of condensed milk
25 g of Vietnamese coffee (Trung Nguyen Coffee, grind size: French Press)

vietnamese coffee

Phin – Vietnamese filter
Put condensed milk into a glass/a brewing vessel
Put ground coffee into the pour over
Flatten the bed by shaking the brewer a little bit
Cover the coffee bed with a metal cover with holes—this is to hold the coffee a the bottom of the brewer

Pour the water in two pours:
First pour: 10 g of 90℃ water to bloom the coffee
Second pour: 100 g of water
Let the coffee drip until finished (approximately 10 min)
Stir the coffee together with the milk
Serve over ice

Come have a Phin at Cafefin in Prague

If you would like to try Phin, Vietnamese Iced Coffee, you can easily find both the brewer and the coffee at Vietnamese shops. In winter time, we also recommend a hot version of this drink. It may not be the most delicate filter coffee you’d expect at a speciality cafe, but it is a rich, full-bodied and sweet drink that will give you a proper kick for a snowy afternoon. Give it a go!