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10 Good (and Funny) Reasons to Brew Coffee with Moccamaster

Moccamaster is undoubtedly one of the most iconic coffee makers ever created. Since its invention by Gerard C. Smit in 1969 it proved to be a machine that people can rely on day in, day out. We learnt a lot about the machine and its potential while shooting the video tutorial. But we learnt the most about its diverse use from the responses we got from our giveaway contest.

All of the participants gave us some great reasons they should be the ones winning a Moccamaster of their colour preference, as well as why they’d like that colour. And since it was quite entertaining to read the comments, we thought we’d share some of the best reasons in this article.

10 best reasons to use Moccamaster every day

1 – To change the coffee culture at a workspace

I am busy educating my colleagues at work about amazing coffee. I make coffee for them regularly, using an AeroPress, v60 and Kalita, but it takes a long time to make 6 cups of coffee like that. Spreading the word about delicious coffee is a real passion of mine.” – Gabi Gluck

2 – To keep the parents drinking good coffee

“I’m a barista and when I’m at home, I’m in charge of her [my mum’s] (and mine) cup of Joe which we have after work. It was nice to see, how she was more and more into black coffee from nice and fresh beans, leaving instant coffee behind. Despite some hesitation at the beginning, she started to explore different kinds of coffee, from sweet Guatemalans to juicy Kenyans. Pour over methods of brewing were her favourite. I’m leaving home in a month, and if I could leave her this mechanic barista I wouldn’t be worried that her quality of coffee would drop and our coffee ritual would be stopped because of my departure.” – Paulina Hładkiewicz

3 – To keep the energy for parenting high

“Since I and my wife expect our second child in the next weeks, a Moccamaster would be perfect to save time on coffee preparation, to keep me awake on those short nights.” – Surah E.

4 – To be able to write more poems about coffee

“Dear coffee Brothers, send me red!
I’ll put it next to bed.
I will brew with it every morning
make my girlfriend very horny
make my neighbours very jealous
They will beg me” Friend please tell us”
Where did you get that machine?
We want coffee we want to scream
from the top of our lungs
through the coffee to the heart!
It’s quite easy my dear neighbours
to combine all of these flavours
from the chocolate from Brasil
to the cherries next to Nile
I used only one machine
Moccamaster, yeah that’s the deal.” – P. Kopara

5 – To get rid of the espresso machine

“I want to get rid of my espresso machine and start drinking better coffee!” – Jörg Eichhorn

6 – To have more time to enjoy breakfast

“I’d love a Moccamaster in red! I always sacrifice breakfast to make a coffee with a v60, so this would let me have great coffee with less hassle.” – Mike Chu

7 – To make barista’s home life easy

“As a barista, I spend so much time making coffee for customers at work. When I’m home I’d like to spend my time with my wife and family and have the coffee done by this wonderful machine.” – Dusan Talaba

8 – To save the clumsy home barista

“I cannot brew coffee myself. I tried many times. A lot of my barista friends tried to teach me. But simply put: When my boyfriend isn’t around, I have nobody to make me a cup of coffee.” – Lu Koktava

9 – To get rid of instant coffee

“Show my friends and family how good filter coffee can be if you have the right machine, beans and water and finally convince them to drop the habit of drinking americanos, long blacks or even instant coffee considering how fast and efficient the Moccamaster is.” – Emmely Band

10 – To help save lives!

“I would like to prepare coffee for my husband Krystof Tabery, he is a doctor so he needs to be fresh every morning to save babies’ lives! His favourite is the white one as his clothes at work!” – Marketa Tabery