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Best Reusable Coffee Cups in 2020: The Ultimate Guide & Review

What are the best reusable coffee cups on the market? We reviewed and tested 8 popular coffee travel mugs to help you pick the best option for you!

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Featured Reusable Coffee Cups

  • rCup (Circular Cup)
  • Loveramics Nomad Cup
  • Kinto Travel Tumbler
  • Frank Green Ceramic
  • Carter Everywhere Mug
  • Huskee Cup
  • KeepCup Brew
  • KeepCup Thermal

Test #1: Thermal Loss

0 min10 min20 min30 min60 min
Loveramics Nomad Cup7056525042
Kinto Travel Tumbler7065646361
Frank Green Ceramic7060595754
Carter Everywhere Mug7055504740
KeepCup Brew7053474539
KeepCup Thermal7064615954
Temperature measured in °C.

Test #2: Leak Test

Loveramics Nomad Cupno
Kinto Travel Tumblerno
Frank Green Ceramicno
Carter Everywhere Mugno
Huskee Cupyes
KeepCup Brewlittle
KeepCup Thermallittle

Test #3: Weight

Loveramics Nomad Cup331g
Kinto Travel Tumbler234g
Frank Green Ceramic230g
Carter Everywhere Mug300g
Huskee Cup161g
KeepCup Brew216g
KeepCup Thermal214g