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How To Drink Coffee For Better Health

Is coffee good for you? What does caffeine influence in our body? Coffee health benefits and risks explained by a nutrition expert and specialty coffee legend Dani Hofstetter. You can learn more about his work at Performance Nutrition.

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  1. Is coffee good or bad? (0:50)
  2. Active compounds in coffee (1:43)
  3. How does caffeine work? (2:09)
  4. Caffeine overdose explained (3:22)
  5. The optimal dose of coffee per day (4:23)
  6. Chlorogenic acid in coffee (4:40)
  7. Antioxidants in coffee (5:49)
  8. Long-term coffee health benefits (7:53)
  9. Coffee during pregnancy (9:31)
  10. How much coffee per day (10:52)
  11. Best time to drink coffee (12:01)
  12. Caffeine and sleep (12:39)
  13. Coffee power nap (12:59)
  14. Espresso vs filter coffee (13:35)
  15. Black coffee vs coffee with milk (14:33)
  16. Decaf coffee (15:44)
  17. Key coffee health takeaways (16:32)