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How To Solve 16 Common Espresso Problems Like a Pro

Learn how to improve your espresso-making skills! In this video, Alan Jarrar takes you through 16 common problems when making espresso at home or in the cafe. His tips should help you to pull delicious espresso shots every single time.

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16 common espresso problems (and barista tips)

  1. Use well-rested coffee beans (01:12)
  2. Always work on your puck prep routine (01:41)
  3. Be gentle in your routine (02:10)
  4. Use precision baskets and shower screens (02:28)
  5. Preinfusion is always a good idea (02:41)
  6. Pull a longer espresso shot (03:05)
  7. Use higher water temperature (03:24)
  8. Backflush groupheads every 40 minutes (03:51)
  9. Clean the portafilter every 30 minutes (04:14)
  10. Use silicone gaskets (04:41)
  11. Clean the shower screen every day (05:01)
  12. Change the shower screen & portafilter basket (05:26)
  13. Backflush the group heads with cleaning powder (05:53)
  14. Don’t leave barista equipment in the cleaning bath overnight (06:10)
  15. Season new espresso grinder burrs (06:29)
  16. Clean your grinder every day (properly!) (07:01)