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Coffee Brewing Methods: French Press vs Pour Over vs AeroPress and more!

We compared all coffee brewing methods we found in our office. We talk about coffee makers like French Press, Pour Over Dripper (V60, Kalita, Chemex), AeroPress, Clever Dripper, Moka Pot and many more!

Watch the video on our YouTube channel.

Cofee Brewing Methods covered in the video:

  • French Press
  • Pour Over
  • Clever Dripper
  • AeroPress
  • Moka Pot
  • Cezve/Ibrik
  • Espresso
  • Drip Coffee
  • Capsule Coffee

This video is sponsored by Standart – an independent print magazine about coffee culture and the people that surround it. The highlights of issue 22 were a surprising article portraying Japan as a coffee-producing country, talking about the first specialty coffee lots grown there, and Scott Rao’s recipe for the fruitiest espresso you’ll ever try!

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