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10 Things You Didn’t Know About the AeroPress

Do you love your AeroPress? While researching a story of the AeroPress for our documentary, we learn so many things. We picked 10 exciting and perhaps surprising things we learned about the AeroPress to share with you in this video!

Watch the video on our YouTube channel.

How much do you know about the AeroPress?

  1. We all brew AeroPress coffee the wrong way (1:30)
  2. Who is the inventor of the AeroPress (2:10)
  3. There were 35 Prototypes (2:55)
  4. AeroPress was invented in Silicon Valley (3:29)
  5. It wasn’t accepted at first! (4:16)
  6. My AeroPress is different than yours (5:42)
  7. World AeroPress Championship (6:39)
  8. Mile High AeroPress Club (7:11)
  9. Custom Made AeroPress (7:50)
  10. AeroPress company was for sale (8:55)