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Video Production


We have been doing a video production with a focus on coffee since 2014. We understand the language, we ask the right questions and we know what does it take to make a great video in a diverse coffee environment – a cafe, a roastery or at a coffee farm.

We have produced over 100 videos ranging from educational series with Gwilym Davies, lecture videos for Barista Guild of Europe, promotional videos for HEMRO Group or a short documentary about Mondul Coffee Estates in Tanzania.

Not only do we have a production capacity, but through our existing media channels we can also deliver the video to a highly targeted group of people, those interested in speciality coffee. And we love making videos for them!

Would you like to start to communicate your ideas via video? Check our Youtube and Vimeo channel to get inspired and then let us know. We are here to help!

Promotional videos

Kafec [watch]

HEMRO Academy [watch]

Aeropress – The winning recipe 2016 [watch]

Educational series

Learn Coffee With Gwilym Davies (watch)


Barista Camp 2015 [watch]

CoLab: Barcelona [watch]

Barista Challenge [watch]

Alpro: Amsterdam Coffee Festival

Coffee lectures

Barista Camp 2015 & 2016

CoLab: Barcelona


Mondul Coffee Estates, Tanzania [trailer]

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