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Guidelines for article submission

Do you drink loads of good coffee? Are you drinking any coffee now? And does it make you write stories about it? We feel you! It happened to us, too.

If you have followed our journey and you love what we do at European Coffee Trip, perhaps you would like to be part of our team.

All you need is having an interest in the speciality coffee culture in Europe. The next thing you know, someone else is sipping on a cup of coffee while reading your article.

Sounds good? We would love to hear from you then. But before we get to know you and your ideas, here is a little introduction of our magazine and of the type of content we’re interested in.

What is European Coffee Trip magazine about?

Our magazine is a section of European Coffee Trip, a digital media that aims to discover, support and grow the European speciality coffee culture.

In the magazine, this is done by sharing stories of the driven and talented coffee lovers and professionals, discovering and promoting the speciality coffee businesses, featuring coffee-inspired concepts and events that relate to the speciality coffee market.

In the magazine, we are fostering the growth of the community, promoting it from within—ourselves and our contributors being, in the majority of cases, active members of the coffee communities across Europe.

Who can become a contributor?

We have met many crazy-talented people who all come to speciality coffee from various walks of life. Do you travel and search for good coffee everywhere you go? Are you deeply interested in a coffee-related topic that deserves some attention from the coffee community and you would like to address that?

If you are into:

– Writing
– Coffee
– People and their stories
– Travelling

… and more, we are guessing you have many a story to share.

Benefits for contributors

There are some great benefits that you get as our contributor:

Platform: Your article can reach thousands of people who are our followers on multiple platforms

Exposure: Once published, your work can be linked to your social media, blog or website, giving you a great exposure

Monetary compensation: Regular contributors can receive a fee agreed on prior to the assignment. We do not expect to receive ongoing work from you for free.

What is the content we are looking for?

Here are some examples of the type of work we would be excited to read:

A piece introducing the coffee scene in a city or a coffee business

– A city guide
– A roastery / cafe introduction
– A coffee tour of a city

A coffee-related topic researched and presented

– A study / an essay (on local coffee-drinking traditions, coffee-drinks, coffee-brewing methods, an essay on sustainability,…)
– An educative piece (water chemistry, brewing recipes, test of a machine)

Guidelines for submission

Before accepting any proposed feature, we request an outline of the article.

Outline: a 100-word outline of the article, sharing the topic and the aim of the piece. Think of a (working) title for the article as well.

Are you on board? Get your ideas together and get in touch with us:

We will be in touch with a feedback. If we love your idea, we can get the ball rolling, set an approximate time frame for a release, and you’re off and running.

Good luck, we cannot wait to hear from you!