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German AeroPress Championship 2016

Five Elephant Coffee Roastery Glogauerstr. 5, Berlin

This year is the second year of collaboration between The Barn Roastery and Five Elephant Roastery, who put on the German AeroPress Championships. Contrarily to last year's competition, this time, The Barn delivers their version of competition coffee, while the whole show is to be hosted by Kreuzberg-based roastery space, located on the premises of Five Elephant Roastery. The competition has been limited to 48 brave competitors, which allows many baristas from Berlin and beyond to take part in this […]


The Barn – New Flagship Cafe Opening


The Barn is opening the first Specialty Coffee Venue in West Berlin at the legendary Café Kranzler! The Barn is a renowned Berlin roastery, running a cafe and a roastery cafe and a lab in Mitte district, with numerous customers around Europe and beyond. Their latest endeavour brings speciality coffee to West Berlin, taking over the incredible space of Café Kranzler. Join The Barn to celebrate a new world of coffee at Kranzler, one of the most well-known coffeehouses in […]

The Barista League: Berlin


The Barista League: Berlin is going to be last Barista League event of the year, and if you think that Berlin isn't going to be a big party, then you obviously don't know The Barista League and haven't been to Berlin yet, either. The event will be hosted by the indomitable The Barn, at their roastery location. Look forward to big surprises and a big end of Season II.