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The Barista League: Oslo


The first event of Season II will be held in Oslo, Norway and hosted by the wonderful Barista School in their beautiful showroom and training center in the middle of Grunerlokka. Oslo is the center of the Nordic roasting style and has some of the worlds best roasters sitting just minutes from each other. Oslo has a long tradition of amazing coffee and is populated by an amazing group of coffee professionals who are still pushing the limits of coffee […]

The Barista League: Copenhagen

The Coffee Collective Godthåbsvej 34B Godthåbsvej, 2000 Frederiksberg, Frederiksberg, , Copenhagen

On May 12 The Barista League takes it's third event of Season II to Copenhagen - the home of amazing food, Fisk shots, Soren kirkegaard, and of course The Coffee Collective. We we will be taking our coffee chaos to one of our favourite cities, and we couldnt be more excited. Competing in Copenhagen we have 12 teams from Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Latvia, Finland and Norway - all competing for glory and the beautiful Barista League Trophy. Judging […]

The Hungary Games – WOC Party

Bestia Szent István tér 9-11, Budapest

Presented by: Ally Coffee Barista Magazine The Barista League THE HUNGARY GAMES The Barista League brings it's special brand of chaotic fun to Budapest for a special WOC party with Barista Magazine and Ally Coffee. Hosted by Bestia - one of the cities most popular restaurants and beer gardens - they have amazing food, drinks and a beautiful local right in the heart of Budapest. Alongside the amazing hospitality of Bestia there will be Hungarian Button Football, Cocktail throwdowns from […]

The Barista League: Berlin


The Barista League: Berlin is going to be last Barista League event of the year, and if you think that Berlin isn't going to be a big party, then you obviously don't know The Barista League and haven't been to Berlin yet, either. The event will be hosted by the indomitable The Barn, at their roastery location. Look forward to big surprises and a big end of Season II.

The Barista League: Oslo

The Barista League: a competition for baristas, by baristas. Our Manifesto We believe that baristas, despite being the main link between specialty coffee and the consumers, are often left out of all the fun stuff. We believe in creating events and competitions for coffee professionals that break down barriers to participation and enable real connections within our industry. We are baristas and work every day in our communities. We will focus on the issues, needs and wants of our community […]

Kaffekat Copenhagen

The Coffee Collective Godthåbsvej 34B, Copenhagen

In 2018, BWT & The Barista League will present the world’s very first coffee-based Alleycat race in Copenhagen, Denmark. What is an Alleycat race? Well, it's an unsanctioned bicycle race with teams racing complete all of the checkpoints in the quickest time. What is at these checkpoints?, skillful, quirky coffee challenges of course!! On Sunday 6th May BWT & The Barista League will present the world’s very first coffee-based Alleycat race in Copenhagen, Denmark. What is an Alleycat race? […]

The Barista League: Midsummer Party

Bocca Coffee Roasters pin Bocca Coffee Roasters Kerkstraat 96-98, Amsterdam

The Barista League and Barista Magazine are back in 2018 bringing you the most exciting party during the World of Coffee in Amsterdam. Escape the harsh, artificial lights and airless conference rooms and come party with us at Bocca Coffee Roasters. ☑ Free Entry ☑ DJs ☑ Competition ☑ Booze ☑ Other awesome stuff

The Barista League Helsingborg

Koppi Coffee Roasters Cindersgatan 8, Helsingborg

The Barista League returns to Scandinavia: Bigger, better and more deliberate than ever. The Barista League is back in 2019 with a return to Scandinavia and old friends Koppi Coffee Roasters in Helsingborg on January 26. As always, the event will feature the fast paced, controlled chaos and fun of 200+ partying coffee professionals in a room, but this year it will have three small but important additions to the format. There will be one major prize for the winners […]


The Barista League: Zagreb

Glyptotheque of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts Medvedgradska ul. 2, Zagreb

The Barista League is back for it’s second competition of the year! On 24 May, in sunny Croatian paradise, 12 teams will face off to be the second team of 2019 to win a spot on The Barista League Mystery Coffee Vacation to South Korea! The Barista League: Zagreb is being hosted by RNB (Restaurant and Bar) Weekend, a new innovative festival for the coffee, food, and beverage industries. This means in additional to all the usual festivities, there will […]